Arageli File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
_utility.cpp [code]
_utility.hpp [code]
algebraic.hpp [code]
algebrslt.cpp [code]
algebrslt.hpp [code]
arageli.hpp [code]
auto_link.hpp [code]
bareiss.cpp [code]
bareiss.hpp [code]
basefuncs.hpp [code]
big_const.cpp [code]
big_const.hpp [code]
big_float.cpp [code]
big_float.hpp [code]
big_int.cpp [code]
big_int.hpp [code]
bigar.cpp [code]
bigar.hpp [code]
cmp.hpp [code]
cone.cpp [code]
cone.hpp [code]
config.hpp [code]
counter.hpp [code]
ctrl_latexlog.hpp [code]
ctrl_slog.hpp [code]
exception.cpp [code]
exception.hpp [code]
factory.hpp [code]
frwrddecl.hpp [code]
function_traits.hpp [code]
functional.hpp [code]
gauss.cpp [code]
gauss.hpp [code]
gcd.cpp [code]
gcd.hpp [code]
hermite.cpp [code]
hermite.hpp [code]
intalg.cpp [code]
intalg.hpp [code]
intconvex.cpp [code]
intconvex.hpp [code]
intcount_barvinok.cpp [code]
intcount_barvinok.hpp [code]
interval.hpp [code]
io.cpp [code]
io.hpp [code]
iomanip.hpp [code]
iteradapt.hpp [code]
lll.cpp [code]
lll.hpp [code]
logarithm.cpp [code]
logarithm.hpp [code]
matrix.cpp [code]
matrix.hpp [code]
misc.hpp [code]
mixcomp.hpp [code]
motzkin_burger.cpp [code]
motzkin_burger.hpp [code]
polyalg.hpp [code]
polyhedron.cpp [code]
polyhedron.hpp [code]
polynom.cpp [code]
polynom.hpp [code]
powerest.cpp [code]
powerest.hpp [code]
prime.cpp [code]
prime.hpp [code]
rand.hpp [code]
random.hpp [code]
rational.cpp [code]
rational.hpp [code]
refcntr.hpp [code]
residue.hpp [code]
resultant.cpp [code]
resultant.hpp [code]
sideset.cpp [code]
sideset.hpp [code]
simplex_method.hpp [code]
skeleton.hpp [code]
smith.cpp [code]
smith.hpp [code]
smithpoly.cpp [code]
smithpoly.hpp [code]
solve_linsys.cpp [code]
solve_linsys.hpp [code]
sparse_polynom.cpp [code]
sparse_polynom.hpp [code]
std_import.hpp [code]
sturm.cpp [code]
sturm.hpp [code]
texout.cpp [code]
texout.hpp [code]
triangulation.cpp [code]
triangulation.hpp [code]
type_opers.cpp [code]
type_opers.hpp [code]
type_pair_traits.hpp [code]
type_traits.cpp [code]
type_traits.hpp [code]
vecalg.cpp [code]
vecalg.hpp [code]
vector.cpp [code]
vector.hpp [code]

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