type_pair_traits.hpp File Reference

#include "config.hpp"
#include <limits>
#include "type_traits.hpp"

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namespace  Arageli


struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_default< T1, T2 >
 Minimal specialization for type_pair_traits. More...
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_helper< T1, T2, true, true >
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_helper< T1, T2, true, false >
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_helper< T1, T2, false, true >
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_helper< T1, T2, false, false >
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits< T1, T2 >
 Generic implementation of type_pair_traits --- information about two types. More...
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits_for_the_same< T >
 Pattern for type_pair_traits in case two identical types. More...
struct  Arageli::type_pair_traits< T, T >
 Specialization of type_pair_traits for two identical types. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains stucture type_pair_traits to represent additional information about pair of types. That infrormation is used by some parts of the library. Note that here is only general implementation of the structures, it is not specialized for concrete types and makes some assumptions for specialized types. If your types doesn't fit to this implementaion you need to implement own specialization of type_pair_traits.

Definition in file type_pair_traits.hpp.

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