logarithm.cpp File Reference

#include "config.hpp"
#include <cstddef>
#include <cmath>
#include "big_int.hpp"
#include "big_const.hpp"
#include "powerest.hpp"

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namespace  Arageli


#define SPARE   0xA


big_int Arageli::entier (const big_int &de)
big_int Arageli::frac (const big_int &de, std::size_t kbits)
std::size_t Arageli::lg10 (const big_int &b)
 Returns lg (b).
std::size_t Arageli::lg10 (std::size_t b)
 Returns lg (b).
big_int Arageli::power_of_ten (std::size_t pow)
 Returns 10^pow.
big_int Arageli::entier_1 (const big_int &be)
big_int Arageli::frac_1 (const big_int &de, std::size_t kbits)
 Returns 10 ^ {de/log2_10} with kbits - 1 precision.
void Arageli::do_bin_convert (const big_int &dm, const big_int &de, std::size_t p, big_int &bm, big_int &be)
std::size_t Arageli::do_dec_convert (big_int &dm, big_int &de, std::size_t p, const big_int &bm, const big_int &be)

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#define SPARE   0xA

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