polyhedron.hpp File Reference

#include "config.hpp"
#include "gcd.hpp"
#include "big_int.hpp"
#include "rational.hpp"
#include "cone.hpp"
#include "sideset.hpp"
#include "vector.hpp"
#include "matrix.hpp"
#include "polyhedron.cpp"

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namespace  Arageli


struct  Arageli::fromempty_t
struct  Arageli::fromivert_t
struct  Arageli::fromvert_t
class  Arageli::polyhedron_default_config< T, M, C >
class  Arageli::polyhedron< T, M, C, CFG >
 The polyhedron representation as the base cone. More...
class  Arageli::pstricks_color_map




template<typename Out, typename T, typename R, typename M, typename CFG>
void Arageli::output_vrml (Out &out, const polyhedron< T, R, M, CFG > &p)
 VRML Output. WARNING! The view will be correct only in wired mode.
template<typename Out, typename P, typename X1, typename Y1, typename X2, typename Y2, typename Viewdir, typename Colormap>
void Arageli::output_polytope_pstricks_3d (Out &out, const P &p, double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double linewidth, const Viewdir &viewdir, const Colormap &colormap)
 PostScript LaTeX Output with pstricks package. WARNING! Only for 3-dim polytopes.


const fromempty_t Arageli::fromempty = fromempty_t()
const fromivert_t Arageli::fromivert = fromivert_t()
const fromvert_t Arageli::fromvert = fromvert_t()

Detailed Description

This file contains a template class for representing of a convex polyhedron as the corresponding cone, operations such as intersection, sum etc, way for access to sides any dimention like iterator access to a containter and other.

Definition in file polyhedron.hpp.

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