The main Arageli distribution type is an archive with source files for all Arageli components. It consists of the core library itself, set of tests which is aimed to check compatibility of Arageli with target platform, documentation including sources for buildable documentation like docs in LaTeX and infrastucture to build the package within Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.

Several versions of the package are available with additional distribution types such as precompiled binaries or completely build documentation packs. If you feel lack of such prebuilt addons for a particular version below (for example because of inability to build such components on your platform), please let us know that you are interested in such a drop. Mail to us about it.

Licence type for the package is GPL 2. All Arageli binaries are built from sources available in packages on this website.

Before using any component of the package, please consider the following precaution. Different components in the libraryr do not have consistent and solid interface because they all are in different stages of development. Several functions have warning records (search for "WARNING!" in sources) about various negative aspects of their implementations. Some functions marked as incorrect (you will permanently have a run-time error if call them). A lot of algorithm implementations is naive, provided for reference purposes only, so do not expect superb performance from them. Lack of documentation for various components is another pain for users. Use Arageli at your own risk.

Latest Version 2010-07-17 Arageli Prealpha

It is the recent engineering release of the library. It has stutus prealpha, so use it at your own risk. Currently only archives with sources are available. Additional prebuilt components will be likely added later. Download any of the following file (differ by archive types only):

arageli- 422 KB 995 KB

See also release notes. Check all currently available download options. Report all bugs to our bug tracker in group "Release 2.2.9" or just mail them to us.

Current Development

If you'd like to use the currently developed version of the library, visit the repository. It is a subversion repository; you can also access it with a subversion client (we recommend as a good client for Microsoft Windows).


Older Versions

Version 2010-07-11 Arageli Prealpha

It is the first drop in 2.2.9 branch of the library. It has stutus prealpha, so use it at your own risk. Download any of the following file (differ by archive types only):

arageli- 422 KB 994 KB


Version 2006-08-31 Arageli Prealpha

It is not a regular release version. Some parts of the library are incompleted, not all implemented things are documented, even some tests can be failed. But this version intended to use by external users. And again, be carefull, it's unstable! Read readme.txt file in root directory after downloading.

Also some library binaries (arageli.lib) for Windows X86 Machines are availible:

All of them have been built with Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 .Net (MSDNAA License). You can just link one of them with your program.

Version 2.0 and Earlier

Each of the following packages includes already built documentation.

If you are interested in Pascal library for arbitary precision arithmetic you can also try Nikolai's old Borland Pascal 7.0 unlimited-precision arithmetic package.

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