Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Arageli::refcntr< T, TC >, including all inherited members.

counter_type typedefArageli::refcntr< T, TC >
link(const counter_type &n=counter_type(1))Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
refcntr(const counter_type &refs_a=counter_type(1))Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
refcntr(const value_type &value_a, const counter_type &refs_a=counter_type(1))Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
refs() const Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
unlink(const counter_type &n=counter_type(1))Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
unlink_all()Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
value()Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
value() const Arageli::refcntr< T, TC > [inline]
value_type typedefArageli::refcntr< T, TC >

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