The following people have made their own contribution at various time to the library itself:

  • Eugeny Agafonov
  • Max Alekseyev
  • Aleksey Bader
  • Anna Bestaeva
  • Sergey Lobanov
  • Alexander Pshenichnikov
  • Aleksey Polovinkin
  • Nikolay Santalov
  • Ekaterina Shchukina
  • Andrey Somsikov

The next people have developed the set of tests, examples and good user's guide in the context of the Arageli Mini-project as an activity of Information Technologies Laboratory in period Nov. 2005 – Feb. 2006:

  • Vladimir Alexandrov
  • Nina Gonova
  • Andrey Kamaev
  • Alexey Sidnev
  • Mikhail Zaytsev

We are pleasure to make additional thanks to the next people who help us by their comments, suggestions, questions and given ideas. Who use and discuss the library and its future with us that makes Arageli and this site better and better: Margarita Virovlyanskaya, Sergey Galkin, Alexey Polovinkin, Mikhail Laptev, Roman Mitin, Andrey Morozov, Anna Zemtsova.

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