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2009-11-21 Developers' News: A good implementation for Shevchenko-Chirkov lattice reduction algorithm was added. This polynomial algorithm produces c-reduced basis by a given basis of the lattice. Your reviews and suggestions are welcomed! See branches/kardakova_v.

2009-10-01 Developers' News: Support for x64 configuration for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 was added. See branches/x64 (edited later: this branch is no more available since all changes had been merged to trunk at 2010-04-30).

2009-09-14 Developers' News: A draft versions of GMP and MPFR wrappers are implemented as big_int and big_float internals. Your reviews and suggestions are welcomed! See branches/gmp.

2008-02-16 Developers' News: A draft version of debug viewer for variables (available inside Visual Studio 2005) of Arageli types was implemented in branches/msvs_integration. It brings a cool feature that makes possible to see variables of such Arageli's types as big_int, vector, rational and several other as variables of built-in types during debug session in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

2007-12-21 Developers' News: Binary serialization in the Simple Binary Format was introduced for several Arageli types. It is available for review in trunk.

2007-10-11 Arageli Repository was relocated to

2006-09-03 A short overview of Arageli was reported at ICMS'2006.

2006-08-31 New "release" is available. Go to download page.

2006-08-02 The site became on-line.

2006-07-19 The first significant update of this site. The site became an official site of the library.

2006-06-20 The Arageli Home Page was firstly published at this location.

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